Bus Accident Lawyers

Bus Accident Lawyers

Aiding Recovery With Bus Accident Lawyers Who Care

Bus accidents can be more complex and deadly than typical accidents. They often involve complications that can make getting the compensation you deserve a time-consuming venture.

With safety precautions on the decline, buses can put both passengers and other drivers at risk on the road. However, this doesn’t mean you have to accept your injuries as a simple result of this trend. Instead, you can turn to the bus accident attorneys at Blackburn and Green to get you fair compensation after a bus accident.

What Can Bus Accident Lawyers do for Me?

In most bus accidents, there are several parties involved, including those on board the bus, other vehicles involved in the collision, and any bystanders. As you might imagine, this makes it more difficult to navigate the claims process, especially when it comes to proving fault.

Incidents with school buses, city buses, or privately-owned buses can cause a number of serious health issues, all of which should be taken seriously and handled by a bus accident lawyer. These can include:

  • Back Injuries – Slipped discs, spinal cord damage, and other general back issues are common problems experienced as a result of a bus accident.
  • Traumatic Brain Injury – Direct trauma to the head can cause catastrophic personal injury, especially when damage to the brain is sustained.
  • Neck Injuries – Neck injuries, especially whiplash, are also common.
  • Other Potential Injuries – Other potential injuries include damage to your teeth, face, and skull bones.

Bus Accident Statistics You Should Know

Bus accidents may not be something you hear about every day, but they do occur. The University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute reports about 63,000 bus accidents each year.

Bus accidents can result in fatalities to passengers, pedestrians, and individuals in the involved vehicles.

Assistance for Your Injuries From Bus Accident Lawyers Who Care

Not all bus accident lawyers are equal. This is exactly why you should compare the education and experience of the lawyers at Blackburn and Green with other law firms. We limit our law practice to personal injury and wrongful death. The accident attorneys at Blackburn and Green know how to get you the fair compensation you deserve.

Contact us today for the experience and compassion you need to properly handle your bus accident claim.