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Are you trying to figure out what’s next after you’ve suffered in an accident? If so, you’re not alone. In fact, many people who develop injuries and medical conditions from an accident in Anderson considering speaking to a personal injury attorney when another person is at fault. When you need help after a critical accident, who you turn to is a vital decision. You may want to schedule a consultation immediately with an experienced Anderson personal injury lawyer so that you know what you are responsible for as well as the rights afforded to you under the personal injury laws of Indiana. Indiana personal injury laws enable you to recover compensation if another party breached his or her duty of care to you and this led to a severe accident. The right lawyer is not just recommended- they are a necessity when you file a major injury case. Your lawyer can establish liability in a case after a thorough review of what happened.

What to Do if You’ve Been Injured in Anderson

If you have recently been hurt in such an accident, it’s imperative that you discuss the opportunity to file a claim directly with an Anderson personal injury attorney like Tom Blackburn or R.T. Green. No victim should have to go through the process of figuring out how to live life again after a catastrophic accident but this is all too common for those injured in car, truck, motorcycle, slip and fall, and other injury cases. Whether you’ve suffered a brain injury, burn injury, spinal cord injury or some other type of catastrophic medical condition, if another person’s negligence is at fault, you may be able to recover compensation with the help of a lawyer. Not every personal injury attorney is the same. You want a team with a track record of comprehensively investigating these types of accidents and giving you an overview of what you can expect. Your personal injury lawyer will be an important part of your life as you proceed with an injury claim because he or she will assist you with obstacles you encounter with insurance companies, help you identify any specialists that can further assist you with your medical condition and advise you about how to proceed during this extremely challenging time. Without the assistance of a knowledgeable Anderson personal injury lawyer, it may be difficult to figure out your next steps. You might be tempted to take the first settlement offer presented to you by the insurance company, even if you don’t realize at the time that it doesn’t fully or fairly compensate you for your injuries. Many of the most common injuries sustained in Indiana are the fault of someone else not paying attention or failing to afford you the necessary care and duties. These include construction accidents, slip and fall accidents, hotel pool and drowning incidents, shock and electrocution injuries, bus accidents and more. If you have recently lost a loved one as a result of someone’s carelessness, you may have grounds for an Indiana wrongful death claim. In all of these cases, the care and compassion afforded to you by an Indiana personal injury attorney can make all the difference in how you proceed with protecting your interests and recovering full compensation. The medical expenses associated with these kinds of injuries are often extremely high and problems such as spinal cord and brain injuries may have life long rehabilitation expenses and commitments for the accident victim. The right Indiana personal injury attorney will begin an initial consultation by talking to you about what is involved in filing a claim and determining your eligibility to recover compensation. You must call an experienced Indiana personal injury lawyer sooner rather than later since you have a limited period of time in which to file a claim. The collection of necessary evidence and the establishment of your legal paperwork should be completed as soon as possible. If you have questions about your case that you need answered promptly, scheduling a consultation now may assist you. You are not obligated to initiate a personal injury lawsuit just by scheduling a consultation; rather you might use this as your opportunity to get some of your questions answered and to discuss your next steps directly with a personal injury lawyer.

How to Choose the Right Anderson Personal Injury Lawyer

When selecting help from an injury attorney, you need someone who is knowledgeable about your best interests. No one else will be looking out for what is best for you during this difficult time. You might assume that the insurance company will help you if you’ve been involved in a car accident but delays or unexpected denials in your case can turn your world upside down. Schedule a consultation and bring any evidence with you to the appointment. When you sit down with a prospective attorney, you’ll have a better sense of how they work and what you can expect if you choose to file a claim. This initial consultation will likely answer many of your questions about legal action and your grounds to pursue compensation. Although many personal injury cases in Anderson settle outside of court, it’s not always possible that you’ll receive a fair insurance settlement or reasonable offer from the liable parties. Your attorney should be prepared to work towards a settlement where possible while also preparing the elements of your case for litigation should that become unavoidable. Your attorney should keep you informed each step of the way and help you make decisions about whether an offer is fair or how to proceed. Reducing some of your overwhelm and allowing you to get the medical care you require should be a top priority for your injury lawyer in Anderson.

Protecting Your Rights by Filing an Injury Claim

Victims already have enough to cope with in the wake of a serious accident because their lives have been forever changed by another person not paying attention or acting carelessly. The sudden requirement to spend a great deal of your day coping with pain or attending medical appointments can represent a distinct departure from business as usual for you. This is why Indiana personal injury law enables you to file a legal claim against the responsible party or parties to recover the compensation you need. The development of your case begins with the initial consultation but your attorney may also play other vital roles in your case such as contacting expert witnesses, scheduling accident reconstruction, negotiating with the insurance company on your behalf, evaluating settlement offers to determine whether they are in line with the types of injuries you have sustained. An Anderson personal injury attorney is your most important asset when moving forward with a legal claim because it may feel as though things have spun out of control in the wake of the accident and that no one else is advocating for what is truly right for you. Get the peace of mind you need and the confidence in the management of your legal claim by hiring an Indiana personal injury lawyer who has the track record and the commitment to you to make the most out of this difficult situation. Don’t let time lapse before you get the help you need from an experienced litigation team at Blackburn & Green.

Cases we handle

With 27 locations across Indiana, Blackburn & Green handles different personal injury cases such as:

  1. Car Accidents

  2. Truck Accidents

  3. Motorcycle Accidents

  4. Bus Accidents

  5. Wrongful Deaths

  6. Construction Accidents

  7. Dog Bites

  8. Slip & Falls 

  9. Bicycle Accidents

  10. Brain Injuries 

  11. Spinal Cord Injuries

  12. Burn Injuries 

  13. Shock & Electrocution Accidents

  14. Hotel Pool Drowning Accidents 

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