Are bicycle accidents getting worse in Indiana?

Bicycle Accidents Dan - January 18, 2019

Terre Haute Bicycle Accident Attorney

Accidents involving bicycles are becoming increasingly more deadly across the country. In definition, those who ride bicycles are often classified as pedal cyclists, or anyone who rides a non-motorized vehicle powered only by pedals. Cyclist traffic accidents are considered to be crashes that involve at least one cyclist and motorized vehicle on a public road, and though they can occur in different ways, these are the most often documented in statistics.

In the U.S. overall, 1.7% of all traffic crash fatalities in 2003 were pedal cyclist fatalities. In 2013, this number rose to 2.3%. For Indiana specifically, there are about 2 cyclist deaths annually per million residents, making the state rank 13th “most deadly” for pedal cyclists in the country. On average, about 53.7% of all bicycle accidents in Indiana can be attributed to the cyclist’s actions. Though pedestrians account for a higher percentage of fatalities compared to pedal cyclists, cyclists are reported to be more likely to ride on a roadway, closer to motorized vehicles. For both pedestrians and cyclists, crossing roads, both at intersections and non-intersections, is the most common cause of crashes and fatalities.

After you or a family member is injured or even killed in a bicycle accident, there is a lot left to take care of, and the whole process can seem very overwhelming. There are a lot of worries that come after an accident, both for one’s future physical condition as well the emotional and financial state of the entire family involved. There are costs to cover, both economic and non-economic- economic being the money needed for medical bills and time lost for work, non-economic being the compensation you feel entitled to because of emotional damages. To get the settlement you deserve, you will need good legal help, and Blackburn & Green can definitely be that excellent choice for you.

When thinking about taking your case to court, a lot of people question whether or not it will be “worth it” or if their case is really “serious” enough. Those who choose an experienced lawyer such as Tom Blackburn, though, soon find out that their case is worth looking at and that they often deserve much more than they initially think. For those who avoid taking legal action simply because they do not know what to expect, understand that it is an easy process and you may likely benefit from taking action.

If you choose Blackburn & Green, we will evaluate your case and collect any evidence available that could aid the positive outcome we work for. We will also assess how much compensation you may be able to receive from damages, both in economic and non-economic funds. Most importantly, though, we will help you through such an emotional time and give you the support you deserve. It is a fact that bicycle accidents are getting worse in Indiana, but each case is more than just a statistic; you are more than just a statistic.

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