tips and tools Blackburn & Green - September 9, 2016

Yes, Distracted Walking Is Real and Dangerous

Distracted driving is the focus of nationwide campaigns to promote driver safety. Texting and other use of hand-held devices is at the core of these efforts. Some may think it is a joke, but distracted walking is also on the rise and can result in serious injury and death. Pedestrian deaths have decreased since 1975—from […]

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injury Blackburn & Green - September 8, 2016

City Can Be Sued after Resident Falls on Street

Governmental entities can sometimes escape civil liability under the Indiana Tort Claims Act (ITCA). In a recent case involving a fall injury in Beech Grove, however, the city was not so lucky. A resident of Beech Grove was walking from her home to the library. As she crossed the street, she had to step slightly […]

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injury Blackburn & Green - September 7, 2016

Whiplash: How It Happens

Whiplash happens when the head is suddenly pushed backward and forward with great force. These abrupt movements strain the soft tissues of the neck—that is, the muscles, tendons, and ligaments—as those tissues are forced to extend beyond their normal range. Falls, contact sports such as football, and some forms of physical abuse may lead to […]

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auto accident Blackburn & Green - September 6, 2016

What Is the Purpose of Accident Reports?

Anyone who has been involved in an automobile accident knows that the experience can be rather chaotic. There are often various victims of the crash—other drivers, passengers, or even pedestrians—and then there are those who help. Emergency personnel, witnesses, law enforcement personnel, and others lend assistance in the immediate aftermath of the wreck. After everyone […]

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auto accident Blackburn & Green - September 5, 2016

Will Electronic Truck Driver Logs Improve Traffic Safety?

The federal government has mandated that many over-the-road truckers start maintaining their logs electronically. The mechanism truckers will use are called “electronic logging devices” (ELDs). The trucking industry is preparing for the transition to ELDs, which are anticipated to improve trucking safety. The transition to ELDs will officially occur between December 2017 and December 2019. […]

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tips and tools Blackburn & Green - September 4, 2016

Can Truckers Park on the Side of the Road in Indiana?

It is a common sight: lines of tractor-trailers at truck stops and rest areas. Those of us who drive passenger vehicles may not realize that there is a shortage of adequate parking for drivers of big rigs. For that reason, we may wonder why they sometimes seem to be parked everywhere, including on the side […]

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lawsuit Blackburn & Green - September 3, 2016

How to Decide Whether to File a Lawsuit after an Accident

Statistically, a number of injury claims associated with auto accidents do not end in front of a judge. Rather, most are resolved earlier in time through settlements. Settling injury claims before reaching trial is an option that many victims choose due to some advantages, including quicker monetary compensation, lesser attorney’s fees, and avoiding the hassle […]

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trial Blackburn & Green - September 2, 2016

Indiana Supreme Court Dismisses Traffic Convictions against Driver Due to Delays

Did you know that a person who may be guilty of serious traffic offenses could have his or her case dismissed because the state did not bring the person to trial within one year? This recently happened with an Indiana man who was charged with four serious traffic offenses. The defendant in the case was […]

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fault Blackburn & Green - September 1, 2016

What if You Hurt Someone While Trying to Help Them?

Have you ever wondered whether you can be held legally responsible if you injure someone while you are trying to help them? Both Indiana courts and the state legislature have addressed this issue. The answer depends on whether you are rendering assistance in an emergency or accident situation. If you are, Indiana’s Good Samaritan law […]

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tips and tools Blackburn & Green - August 31, 2016

Where Can’t You Park Legally in Indiana?

Indiana has strict laws that govern where drivers are allowed to stop, park, or leave a vehicle unattended. Most of us could probably name some of the common places that we are not allowed to park our cars, such as in an intersection, close to a fire hydrant, or in a crosswalk. However, the law […]

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