personal injury attorney Dan - February 11, 2019

When Should You Sue for a Personal Injury?

Accidents happen and, as a result, people suffer injuries every day across the states. However, if this has happened to you as a result of someone else’s negligence, you may want to file a personal injury claim against that person or their insurance company. If your injury stems from the actions of someone else, you […]

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personal injury attorney Dan - February 6, 2019

Why Being Honest to Your Personal Injury Lawyer is Important

Hiring a personal injury attorney from Blackburn & Green to help you with your case is the first step in taking action to protect yourself following your injury. However, this is not the most important step you’ll take. The most important thing you should do is be completely honest with your attorney. They cannot help […]

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personal injury attorney Dan - January 29, 2019

4 of the Most Common Causes of Catastrophic Injuries in Indiana

Catastrophic injuries are life-threatening injuries that often result in permanent disability or disfigurement. These injuries are not common, but when they occur, they can be remarkably expensive to treat, and those who sustain them have little chance of living a normal life. Fortunately, with the help of Blackburn & Green, you may be able to […]

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Car Accidents Dan - January 22, 2019

Are There No-Fault Laws for Auto Accidents in Indiana?

No-fault car insurance laws for auto accidents are used in many states. No-fault states work on a system where your own auto insurer will pay for some or all of your losses during an accident no matter who is at fault. Each state’s fault laws are different. Indiana, however, is an at-fault state. The tort […]

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Bicycle Accidents Dan - January 18, 2019

Are bicycle accidents getting worse in Indiana?

Accidents involving bicycles are becoming increasingly more deadly across the country. In definition, those who ride bicycles are often classified as pedal cyclists, or anyone who rides a non-motorized vehicle powered only by pedals. Cyclist traffic accidents are considered to be crashes that involve at least one cyclist and motorized vehicle on a public road, […]

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Truck Accidents Dan - January 17, 2019

Does cold weather increase the number of Truck Accidents?

The onset of cold weather has a tendency to increase the number of accidents. When the temperature drops, ice, and snow usually aren’t far behind. Snow and ice on the roads can make seriously hazardous conditions. While vehicle accidents can happen at any time, trucks and big rigs pose a particular danger. Unfortunately, trucks and […]

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Truck Accidents Dan - November 27, 2018

What are the Indiana State & Federal laws for Truck Drivers?

Big-rig trucks are easily the most dangerous vehicles on the roadways.  All truck drivers have regulations they must follow when hauling freight that is established at both the federal and state levels. Federal Department of Transportation rules are typically focused on the maximum number of hours a CDL operator can drive while on duty and […]

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personal injury attorney Dan - November 21, 2018

How long do I have to file a Personal Injury Lawsuit in Indiana?

In most cases, you have 2 years to file a personal injury claim or lawsuit in Indiana, according to the statute of limitations. In most cases, the period will begin when your injury occurs.  However, in some special circumstances, the 2 year period may be extended. If you have suffered a personal injury, do not […]

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Motorcycle Accidents Dan - November 14, 2018

Is it dangerous to ride a motorcycle in Indiana?

Motorcycles are a very important part of American culture. Every day, many motorcyclists take to the highways of Indiana to enjoy a ride on their bike. In careless hands, a motorcycle has the power to cause damage, injury, and even death, but it is very often other drivers who pose the most danger for a […]

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Motorcycle Accidents Dan - November 5, 2018

How to prove fault in a Motorcycle Accident

A vehicle accident can be one of the most stressful events in a person’s life. Many people have underestimated the effect of an accident, only to find later they are suffering from unforeseen traumatic stress and physical problems that can impact their work and personal lives. Motorcycle accidents can be among the most difficult incidents […]

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