Can I Be Compensated for Co-Pays?

compensation Blackburn & Green - October 16, 2015

Can I Be Compensated for Co-Pays?In terms of recovery of damages from your injury or accident, if you are entitled to compensation, you can recover for medical expenses, loss of present and future earnings, and pain and suffering. While you treat your injuries after an accident, your medical insurance may be picking up the bill. In many cases, you will have to cover any deductibles, co-pays, co-insurance, and the costs of treatments not covered by your health insurance. Other typical out of pocket medical expenses subject to reimbursement include prescription medication costs, medical devices such as slings and crutches, and over the counter medications recommended by your treating doctor. You are able to recover these costs when your claim resolves, however until that happens, you are responsible to pay them. If you have medical payment coverage, also called med-pay, through your auto insurance company, your health care providers may bill the auto insurance company directly. Insurance coverage for your health care costs following an accident will be applied according to priority. In the event of an accident, if you have med-pay coverage, that coverage will be primary. This means your medical bills will be covered under med-pay until your policy limits are exhausted. In general, the secondary insurer for these immediate medical costs is your health insurance. However, your health insurance may require reimbursement once your claim is resolved.

Once your health insurance coverage becomes primary, you will be responsible for any co-pays and other out of pocket costs. However, you will be compensated for these once your claim is resolved. To ensure you are fully and fairly compensated for all your medical expenses incurred, keep thorough records of all out of pocket medical costs resulting from the treatment of your injuries sustained in the accident. Keep receipts for all co-pays and other out of pocket medical expenses. Keep a log of all your doctor visits as well. These records and documentation will be helpful later on in determining the value of your claim, as they both demonstrate your direct economic losses as well as the ordeal you had to go through to treat your injuries and recover. If you have been in an auto accident and need help keeping track of all the information you need to collect, download the Blackburn & Green accident app for your iPhone or Android device. Free to download and packed with useful features, our app will help you stay on top of accident related tasks while you recover.


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