Can I Be Compensated for My Lost Wages?

compensation Blackburn & Green - October 10, 2015

Can I Be Compensated for My Lost Wages?As part of your personal injury claim, you are entitled to recover fair compensation for your losses sustained, if someone else was found at fault. If you were found partially at fault, your compensation will be reduced accordingly, however, your right to compensation is not negated so long as you are not 51% or more at fault, and you can still collect damages for all your losses, even if only partially. Along with medical bills, lost wages are the second most common form of economic damages you can collect after an accident or injury. You can suffer a loss of wages if you miss work as a result of the accident, your recovery, or your treatment of your injuries. Even if you have used paid sick days in order to recover from your accident, you are entitled to recoup the value of those sick days, as they have a real economic value. Similarly, if you missed any significant work opportunity as a result of the injury or accident, you may be able to recover damages for some of the income you were no longer eligible to receive.

Keep in mind, the insurance company may request you provide a doctor’s note to document the need for you to take time off of work to recover and treat your injuries. If you miss any work, have your doctor provide a note, and thoroughly document all the time you missed as a result of the accident or injury. You may have to have your supervisor produce a statement with a ledger of your missed work to demonstrate the total value of your lost wages or loss of sick time. If you are self-employed or a contracted worker, you may have to produce documentation yourself that demonstrates the amount of time you were unable to put into your work. If you were seriously injured and cannot yet return to work, consult with an experienced Indiana personal injury attorney to discuss your case. Making a claim for a loss of future wages is complex, requiring thorough documentation and, potentially, a strong legal argument. Long-term disability will greatly affect your case, and you may have the added complication of applying for Social Security Disability benefits as well, so discuss your rights for fair compensation with an experienced attorney.


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