How to prove fault in a Motorcycle Accident

Dan - November 5, 2018

A vehicle accident can be one of the most stressful events in a person’s life. Many people have underestimated the effect of an accident, only to find later they are suffering from unforeseen traumatic stress and physical problems that can impact their work and personal lives. Motorcycle accidents can be among the most difficult incidents […]

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How many motorcycle accidents happen typically in a year in Indiana?

Dan - October 12, 2018

Riding a motorcycle can be exhilarating, but it can also be extremely dangerous. One of the primary reasons for that danger is other drivers. From 2016 to 2017, Indiana motorcycle fatalities increased by 44%, one of the highest motorcycle-crash related fatality increases reported in the nation. Not every motorcycle accident ends in a fatality. The […]

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How to Increase Your Recovery After a Motorcycle Accident

Dan - August 27, 2018

Motorcycle riders are incredibly vulnerable. Without layers of steel surrounding them, they are far more likely to be severely injured in a collision. A 2018 Forbes article notes that almost 5,000 people were killed in motorcycle accidents in 2017. That number represents a decrease over the preceding year, but it also is significantly higher than […]

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What are some safety matters to consider before buying a motorcycle?

Dan - July 16, 2018

A report conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration showed that Motorcyclist deaths occurred 27 times more frequently than fatalities in other vehicles, based on 2014 fatal crash data.  Fortunately, you can reduce your risk of getting hurt on a motorbike by making smart choices to secure your own safety. Here are a few […]

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How common is it for a car to cause a motorcycle accident?

Dan - April 20, 2018

How common is it for a car to cause a motorcycle accident?  Cars and trucks are a major cause of motorcycle accidents. Vehicle drivers who are distracted by their cell phone cause many accidents. On the other hand, many vehicle drivers claim that motorcycles careening in and out of traffic are putting their own lives […]

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