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Watch for More Delivery Trucks on the Road 

Dan - February 2, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic means more online shopping, and more online shopping means more delivery trucks, which translates to more truck accidents.    The global pandemic has left us all social distancing and doing most of our shopping online. While this is a very convenient way to shop, our purchases don’t just magically appear – they […]

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truck rollover in the road

What Causes Truck Rollovers?

Dan - November 17, 2020

When a semi-truck rolls over, it can cause chain-reaction crashes, cargo spills, and other events that result in serious injuries. Truck crash claims are complicated, so any injured accident victims want the right truck accident attorney on their side.  No one has to explain how terrifying and dangerous truck rollovers are. The sheer size and […]

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hazmat accident

Risks of HAZMAT Crashes

Dan - October 13, 2020

Some types of commercial trucks carry hazardous materials, which can cause serious problems should the truck crash. Spills can lead to more severe injuries and damage and victims should speak with a truck accident attorney.  If you have driven down the interstate, you might have occasionally noticed large commercial trucks that have the letters HAZMAT […]

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truck driver

What Happens When Truckers Drive Too Fast for Conditions on the Road?

Dan - August 17, 2020

Safe, responsible truck drivers should factor in the road’s condition when choosing a safe traveling speed, and those who do not can cause serious traffic accidents, including rollovers, collisions, and weather-related crashes that put us all at increased risks of injuries. Truck drivers are commercial drivers who are responsible for safely accommodating for the conditions […]

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Truck accident

Truck Cargo Spills Can Cause Injuries

Dan - July 20, 2020

Commercial trucks that move goods from one place to another are essential to our economic system. We rely on these cargo carrier trucks for everything from food delivered to the grocery store to specific items that are delivered directly to our homes. That said, truck cargo spills do happen, and when a truck loses its […]

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truck driving over a highway

The Dangers of Speeding Truck Drivers

Dan - June 16, 2020

In 2018, there were 164,925 accidents involving large trucks reported to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Among those, 80,150 involved injuries, and 4,946 involved fatalities. Sadly, most of these accidents were not truly accidents. They were crashes that resulted from driver negligence of many types. Speeding is one type of negligence that leads to […]

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Delivery Truck Crashes in Residential Neighborhoods

Dan - May 13, 2020

As the Coronavirus has spread across the United States, people who are staying at home and social distancing have become more reliant than ever before on delivery services. With everything from medications to groceries available for delivery, it is no surprise to see an influx of delivery trucks driving through local neighborhoods at all times […]

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Truck Accident Lawyer

How Trucking Companies Can be Negligent

Dan - April 8, 2020

When truck drivers work for trucking companies, they are often expected to log large numbers of hours per week and to arrive at their final destinations as quickly as possible. This expectation often causes truck drivers to drive fast – and sometimes negligently – greatly increasing their chances of causing a serious accident.  Whenever a […]

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FMCSA Violations Can Cause Truck Accidents and Injuries

Dan - October 31, 2019

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) is responsible for establishing and enforcing Federal Motor Carrier Regulations. These regulations are in place to ensure that large trucks and tractor-trailers operating on roadways do so safely. Following these regulations helps to ensure that motor vehicle collisions do not occur. However, when truck drivers and trucking companies […]

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Does cold weather increase the number of Truck Accidents?

Dan - January 17, 2019

The onset of cold weather has a tendency to increase the number of accidents. When the temperature drops, ice, and snow usually aren’t far behind. Snow and ice on the roads can make seriously hazardous conditions. While vehicle accidents can happen at any time, trucks and big rigs pose a particular danger. Unfortunately, trucks and […]

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