Pregnancy and Car Accidents: What Are Your Rights If Your Unborn Child Is Injured?

Blackburn & Green - May 10, 2016

In the horribly unfortunate circumstance that an unborn child is injured or killed in a car accident, Indiana law may provide for recovery through at least two separate means: the Child Wrongful Death Act and a general negligence action. The Child Wrongful Death Act specifically applies to viable fetuses, meaning those that could have lived […]

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Damages for Wrongful Death Can Be Capped by Indiana Law

Blackburn & Green - May 9, 2016

We are often asked whether Indiana limits the amount that may be recovered in a wrongful death case. The short answer is that there is a cap in some wrongful death actions, but in most wrongful death cases no limits apply. Indiana provides for wrongful death lawsuits in three different statutes: the Wrongful Death Act, […]

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Wrongful Death Claims v. Survival Actions

Blackburn & Green - May 8, 2016

The unexpected loss of a loved one is painful no matter what the cause. However, when that death is the result of wrongful conduct, emotions can be even more complex. Family members need time to grieve, yet at the same time, if the death was unnecessary, they may wonder whether they are entitled to some […]

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Who Can Recover Under Indiana’s Wrongful Death Statute?

Blackburn & Green - February 17, 2016

The unexpected death of a loved one is a traumatic event for any family. In addition to the immense emotional burden of suddenly losing a loved one, survivors may be left with expenses or without the financial support previously provided by the deceased. If the death was caused by the negligence of another person, the […]

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