How to Deal with a Construction Site Accident

Construction Accidents Dan - October 15, 2018


Some types of work can be extremely hazardous for employees. OSHA enacts new programs and initiatives every year in an effort to improve worker safety, but injuries and deaths continue to occur. After a construction site accident, it is important to follow proper procedures to ensure that your rights are protected.

The first thing that the injured worker and those present should do after seeking medical assistance for the injured worker is to notify the immediate supervisor. Worksite injuries must be carefully documented. The site must also be secured so as to prevent further injury to any other workers present. It is important for any present employees when a construction accident occurs to remember what they were taught to do during their training after a job site accident and to use all precautions and safety equipment available.

After seeking immediate medical attention, injured workers may wish to contact a construction accident lawyer about filing a worker’s compensation claim. It is a good idea to do this as soon as possible after receiving immediate medical attention since the rules for filing for worker’s compensation are quite strict and failure to comply can result in delays in the case or a denial of the claim in some cases.

Employers and managers must follow regulations for reporting following a job site accident. If the incident involved hospitalization of three or more workers, the incident must be reported to OSHA within 8 hours. The employer’s worker’s compensation insurance carrier should also be notified following any incident that may result in a claim being filed.

Personal Injury Claims

In some cases, third parties may be responsible for a construction site accident. One common example is a car accident that results in worker injuries at a construction site. Construction sites usually have signs posted warning drivers to watch out for workers and to drive at a reduced rate of speed. In some cases, drivers ignore these signs or fail to comply due to negligence or driver impairment. After this type of accident, an injured worker may be able to sue the negligent or impaired driver in addition to filing a worker’s compensation claim.

Another type of personal injury claim, also be called a third party claim, involves product manufacturers and distributors. When safety equipment or construction equipment fails and results in injuries to workers, the manufacturer and the company that sold the product may be held liable for any costs related to the injuries. This is a separate claim from a worker’s compensation claim, so different procedural requirements and time limitations may apply.

Contact our Construction Accident Lawyer at Blackburn & Green

A construction accident lawyer may be able to help injured workers file a claim against a third party for their injuries. An investigation is key in this type of lawsuit. Our attorneys at Blackburn & Green may be able to carefully review any reports and interview key witnesses to help support the worker’s claim. An attorney may also review consumer reports and consult expert witnesses if the case involves failure of the worker’s safety equipment. Call Blackburn and Green today to schedule a consultation.

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