Head Injuries from Motorcycle Crashes

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Head Injuries from Motorcycle Crashes

The impact of motorcycle accidents often leads to head injuries, like traumatic brain injuries, which beget serious physical, cognitive, and sensory symptoms. These head injuries can be life-altering, with long-term and overarching consequences into one’s future.

Motorcycles are a great way to get around – and to enjoy the open road – but motorcycle accidents are exceptionally dangerous and can lead to life-altering head injuries. When you’re on your bike, there is nothing other than your motorcycle helmet to help protect you from the impact of an accident. While wearing a well-fitting helmet is always the safest option and always advised, it doesn’t eliminate the risk of a head injury. If another motorist’s negligence causes you to suffer a head injury in a motorcycle accident, don’t delay consulting with an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer

Head Injuries

The most common and most dangerous head injuries sustained by motorcyclists are traumatic brain injuries (TBI), and these are exceptionally dangerous, complicated, and unpredictable injuries. The Mayo Clinic shares that TBIs are generally caused by a serious jolt or blow to the head, shoulders, or body, such as motorcyclists commonly experience in accidents. Symptoms of TBIs can be sensory, physical, and/or cognitive. Consider the following symptoms of moderate to severe TBIs:

    • Sensory Symptoms – Sensory symptoms can include sensory difficulties such as a change in one’s ability to smell, ringing in one’s ears, blurred vision, and/or a bad taste in one’s mouth.
    • Physical Symptoms – Physical symptoms can include a state of dazed confusion, loss of consciousness, headaches, extreme fatigue, nausea and/or vomiting, sleep disturbances, and /or extreme dizziness or balance loss. 
    • Cognitive Symptoms – Cognitive symptoms can include profoundly serious confusion, slurred speech, unusual behavior such as agitation or combativeness, or a form of distorted consciousness such as a coma.

The symptoms of head injuries are extremely serious and often lead to overarching, long-term health concerns. 

Head Injuries and Damages

The impact of motorcycle accidents is often so immense that resulting head injuries are extremely serious, which equates with extensive damages that can include:

  • Medical Costs – Medical expenses can range from emergency care and transportation to surgery, treatment from doctors and specialists, hospitalization, ongoing treatment, physical therapy, rehabilitation, prescription medications, home health care, long-term residential care, and beyond.
  • Lost Wages – A TBI can leave you off the job for a significant amount of time. A serious TBI can also preclude you from ever returning to work, and a loss of this magnitude can be difficult to fully appreciate. 
  • Pain and Suffering – While the physical pain and suffering associated with head accidents sustained in motorcycle accidents is naturally immense, the emotional pain and suffering can be even more difficult to bear. 

You Need an Experienced Motorcycle Accident Lawyer on Your Side

The dedicated and experienced motorcycle accident lawyers at Blackburn & Green are prepared to help you protect your rights and seek full compensation. To learn more, please don’t hesitate to contact us online or call us at 1-800-444-1112 today.

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