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Are you a cyclist who has recently been injured simply because you were commuting to work or enjoying a relaxing bike ride? If you can illustrate that another party’s negligence or reckless behavior was the cause of your accident, you may be able to pursue compensation. Given that cyclists do not have the same protections as someone inside a car, an injury claim may be the only way for you to recover the funds that you need to put the pieces of your life back together. It is very difficult to figure out what is required when pursuing an injury claim, but the right lawyer can make a world of difference in the determination of your eligibility to file a claim. With more than 3,000 miles of bike-ways and trails, and more than 300 miles of rails and trails open for public use throughout Indiana, it’s not surprising that the activity of cycling has become increasingly popular in recent years.

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Unfortunately, despite the fact that biking has become more widespread, this does not necessarily mean that drivers are prepared to share the road. Bike riders are on a road without the protection of airbags, a shell of steel, or seatbelts, making them more vulnerable to speeding trucks, cars, vehicles backing out and drivers who open their car door into the cyclists’ path. In 2010, more than 1,000 Indiana cyclists were involved in motor vehicle collisions. Those injured often needed the assistance of an Indiana bicycle accident attorney. Furthermore, those who suffered fatal injuries may have had a lawsuit filed on their behalf with the assistance of family members. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration shares that cyclists account for up to 2% of all motor vehicle traffic fatalities and 2% of traffic injuries. Bicycle accidents are on the rise, despite the fact that many locations throughout Indiana have become very popular for biking in recent years. Bicycle accidents share many of the same common causes as other accidents on the road, including driving under the influence of drugs and distracted driving. Drivers of trucks and cars may not realize that they need to yield the right of way to a cyclist, just as they would to another vehicle. Bicycles are also silent and not as visible to drivers as other vehicles are. A driver exiting a parked car may open his or her door right into a passing cyclist, knocking them into the path of another vehicle. The most common bicycle accident injuries are associated with the lower and upper extremities. Many people who are injured in bicycle accidents suffer abrasions, lacerations, and bruising, but fractures, dislocations and strains are also common. A bicycle rider who has been thrown to the ground may further suffer facial fractures and injuries as well as eye trauma from debris and dust. The variety of injuries after a bicycle accident can be severe and can generate major concerns about the future of the bicycle accident victim. Since it is so difficult to figure out next steps, the right attorney must be retained. An experienced Indiana bicycle accident lawyer can conduct an investigation to identify the cause of the accident.

Frequently Asked Questions About Indiana Bicycle Accidents

An Indiana bicycle accident lawyer can help you recover lost wages, medical bills, non-economic damages and property damages. You may also be able to recover property damage for your bike.

Unfortunately, bicycle accidents that are hit and run are becoming increasingly common. These can be complicated cases, making it all the more important to hire an experienced Indiana bicycle accident attorney.

Your interests and the other party’s insurance company’s interests are not the same. This means that you need an Indiana bicycle accident lawyer speaking on your behalf and helping to negotiate a full and fair settlement.

Many people make the mistake of failing to file a police report after an Indiana bicycle accident. It is still a good idea to contact the authorities and file a police report, so that the circumstances and facts of your accident are fully documented by the investigation officer.