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Did you know that a dog bite has the potential to turn a child’s life upside down? Even when it is an adult who suffers the consequences of a dog bite, the outcome can be life changing. A dog bite can lead to infections and other medical complications from which it can be very difficult to recover. In Indiana, you are eligible to pursue an injury claim against the owner of a dog if you or your child has been bitten. The right Indiana dog bite attorney can help you prepare a comprehensive claim. According to research from the NCBI, almost 4.5 million people across the country suffer dog bite injuries every single year in the United States. One out of every five people who are bitten needs medical attention. In 2012 alone, 27,000 individuals had to go through reconstructive surgery for dog bites Indiana law imposes strict liability on a dog owner. This means that a court automatically finds a dog owner liable for an injury without the victim having to prove that the owner in question did something negligent or that the incident was the fault of the owner. Indiana’s laws are extremely favorable to dog bite victims. There is a high probability that you may be compensated for injuries by the dog owner directly or the owner’s insurance company. A dog owner is responsible for preventing a canine from biting another person so long as the person who is ultimately bitten did nothing to provoke the dog.

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An owner could even be held liable if they did not know that the dog was vicious or if the dog had never acted in a vicious manner before. Usually, a dog owner who maintains a homeowner’s insurance coverage policy will be responsible for compensating the victim through an insurance claim directly. It can be difficult to figure out what to do immediately after an Indiana dog bite but getting medical attention is important. You might think that the consequences of such a bite could be minor but this can develop into an infection if it is not properly monitored. Keeping all evidence associated with the attack, such as pictures of the area and any clothing that was torn or damaged in the attack can prove important when you file an injury claim. It may be difficult to deal with the owner of the dog who may be refusing liability or acting as though you are blowing the situation out of proportion. Because of the complex issues involved in an Indiana dog bite case, you need to ensure that you have a lawyer at your side to assist you with pursuing compensation. Many people are confused about their rights and may underscore the severity of an Indiana dog bite accident. Taking prompt action by filing a legal claim may be the only way to recover the compensation you need, but it must be done as soon as possible in order to maximize recovery and to avoid many of the most common challenges that victims face in Indiana dog bite cases.

Frequently Asked Questions About Indiana Dog Bites

Dog bite liability is outlined under 15-5-12-1. This means that if a dog, without any provocation, bites a person who is peacefully conducting themselves, the owner of such a dog could be held liable for any damages sustained by the person bitten.

The question of whether or not the dog bite occurred on private or public property is not as important as identifying the dog’s owner and whether or not that person has an insurance policy to pursue.

At least 25 different breeds of dogs have been responsible for dog bite related fatalities, although more than half of those were caused by Rottweilers and Pit bulls. Huskies and German Shepherds are also named in many dog bite accident cases.

The intended result of any dog bite case is the payment of financial compensation by a company insuring the dog’s owner. In some cases, a party other than the animal’s legal owner may be held responsible. It is important to consult directly with an attorney – especially if you are concerned about your rights and the best way to proceed with a dog bite case if you suspect that there is no homeowner’s insurance policy in place.