What are the Indiana State & Federal laws for Truck Drivers?

Truck Accidents Dan - November 27, 2018

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Big-rig trucks are easily the most dangerous vehicles on the roadways.  All truck drivers have regulations they must follow when hauling freight that is established at both the federal and state levels. Federal Department of Transportation rules are typically focused on the maximum number of hours a CDL operator can drive while on duty and they do not necessarily follow a 24-hr guideline. Just as with railroad engineers, the maximum number of driving hours is typically based on the number of hours operators must rest before they can legally resume driving. States can apply even more restrictions in an effort to guarantee the safety of other drivers on their highways. These additional regulations may include the number of hours an operator may drive, rules for cargo inspection, and maximum weight restrictions as well. Safety is the ultimate goal in Indiana and compliance with the law is not optional. Violations can lead to serious injuries that require significant financial compensation when you have been injured in an accident.  If you have been injured in a truck accident, you need an experienced, aggressive personal legal representative like R.T Green.

Federal Operator Regulations

The Federal Motor Carrier Administration rules mandate certain restrictions on the number of hours that operators can continually drive. Truck drivers can drive no more than 11 hours followed 10 hours of rest in some situations, while other situations could extend the driving period to 14 hours if the driver has appropriate rest. The application of these rules can differ based on the material facts of an accident injury case, which can significantly impact a claim.

Indiana Truck Driver Regulations

While federal law addresses the general regulations associated with commercial transportation, Indiana state law addresses the intricate driver requirements. Most accident injury claims in Indiana will be determined by violations of state law because that cover the aspects of driver responsibilities on Indiana highways. Accident cases in general are complicated, which is only compounded when an accident involves a big-rig truck.  Details matter, and state regulations can be the final determination in whole damage recovery. Having an experienced truck accident attorney like R.T Green can be the difference in being compensated fairly or settling for less than the proper amount.

Inspection Requirements

Truck shipments are also regulated regarding load inspections and maximum weights. Many drivers will attempt to haul loads that are beyond maximum, especially if the total weight is close to the limit, and they will also often neglect inspecting the load for potential shifting or security weakness. Load security is addressed in both state and federal regulation, and any violation can impact the outcome of an injury claim.

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