Indiana Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Some people think of motorcyclists as simply “risk-takers,” but there are many reasons why motorcyclists choose their preferred form of transportation. First, motorcycles can be more convenient than cars, as they are easier to store and park. Riding a motorcycle also allows you to enjoy the open air and feel a sense of freedom, even when you are on your daily commute. Unfortunately, with the benefits of motorcycles also comes risks of accidents and injuries.

Seeking Help from the Right Motorcycle Accident Law Firm

Are you a motorcycle rider who was recently hit as a result of someone else not paying attention? Unfortunately, it is often the rider of a motorcycle who suffers severe and life-changing injuries because of another driver’s inability or unwillingness to pay attention or operate their car safely.

When this happens to you, you may have grounds to pursue a personal injury claim with the help of an experienced attorney. Knowing your rights and taking action promptly by hiring an Indiana motorcycle accident attorney is important for your future, as this may be your only opportunity to recover maximum compensation.

It might initially seem overwhelming to pursue an injury claim like this, however, the right lawyer is a significant asset to you as you move forward with your legal case. Knowing where you stand and how to pursue a claim effectively is essential for your legal case. Even if you have insurance and you believe the accident was not your fault, it is a good idea to get practical advice from a knowledgeable Indiana motorcycle accident attorney.

It may be portrayed by an unflattering witness or the other party that you are at fault. The complications of your case can also be elevated if you have been asked for a recorded statement by the other party’s insurance company. You need to know your rights and what to expect.

An Indiana motorcycle accident attorney who has years of experience practicing in this field and who will work hard on your behalf is extremely important for being able to craft a case. A prompt investigation of the accident scene is essential when you have been involved in an Indiana motorcycle accident.

There are numerous different laws in place for motorcycle riders in order to enhance their own safety and avoid severe accidents with drivers. However, drivers are most often the cause of severe motorcycle accidents in Indiana. This is because many of them are not paying attention and do not pause to avoid an accident when there are obstacles in the road or traffic. Someone who is driving recklessly and does not put your safety as a top priority could be found liable in an accident.

Motorcycle Crashes in Indiana

Research from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration illustrates that motorcyclists are approximately 35 times more likely to die in an accident than a vehicle passenger. Furthermore, motorcyclists are 8 times as likely to be injured with a higher chance of injury or death.

In Indiana, the following occurred in a recent year:

  • 2,698 reported accidents involving motorcycles
  • 1,818 injuries from motorcycle accidents
  • 112 motorcyclists died in crashes
  • Fatal motorcycle crashes went up 12 percent in a single year
  • Over 72 percent of crashes involved another motor vehicle


These numbers indicate the very real risk of not only being involved in a motorcycle accident, but also the chance that the accident will cause life-changing injuries or fatalities.

Why Do I Need A Motorcycle Accident Lawyer?

Motorcycle accident victims will have a more difficult case to defend in court because they are often stereotyped as reckless and risky drivers, despite the fact that it is the vehicle driver who is often at fault in such an accident.

Responsibility may be overlooked in an Indiana motorcycle accident, but with the right motorcycle accident attorney in Indiana at your side, the determination of the negligent driver and next steps can be accomplished quickly. You need to call your insurance company, see a doctor, take pictures, make notes, and consult with an Indiana motorcycle accident attorney as soon as possible.

Without a comprehensive review of your case, you may be tempted to accept an early settlement offer from the insurance company that does not fully and fairly compensate you for the injuries you have sustained. With many complicated issues involved in the management of an Indiana motorcycle accident claim, you need to ensure that you have someone advocating for your best interests from the moment that you hire them. The right lawyer can have a major impact on the outcome of your case.

Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

It is imperative to know what commonly causes motorcycle accidents – both to avoid crashes whenever possible and to have an idea of your rights as an accident victim. Some of the most common causes of motorcycle accidents caused by other drivers or parties include:

  • Speeding, tailgating, or aggressive drivers
  • Drivers under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Distracted drivers
  • Drivers who fail to yield the right-of-way
  • Drivers who run red lights or violate other traffic laws


Even if you are as safe as possible on your motorcycle, you cannot prevent others on the road from making errors or poor decisions that cause collisions.

Best Tips for Avoiding Motorcycle Accidents

Just because you cannot always avoid accidents does not mean you shouldn’t take proper care when you are on your motorcycle. The safer you are, the more clear-cut an injury claim might be in the event of an accident.

Maintain your Motorcycle

It is important that you check your motorcycle before riding to make sure there are no problems or readily identifiable issues with your motorcycle. Obvious things to check for include lights, brakes, tires, and signals, and if defective, make sure they are fixed before you embark on riding the motorcycle.

Put On Your Gear

Data from accident scenes involving motorcycles consistently proves that helmets protect riders against fatal or life-altering brain injuries. It may also be a good idea to invest in and use eye and face protection, as well as a protective jacket, gloves, long pants, and boots.

Avoid the Temptation to Speed

A significant percentage of motorcyclists who died in motorcycle crashes were speeding. Speeding way above posted speed limits kills. It doesn’t matter how skilled one thinks or believes they are – it is all too easy to lose control or be unable to react to emergency situations if you are speeding.

Stay Sober

Do not ride a motorcycle after using drugs or alcohol, including certain prescription drugs.

Be Alert

Being inattentive is one of the leading causes of accidents. When riding a motorcycle, watch out for potholes, speed bumps, and oncoming vehicles.

One of the most important tips for motorcyclists is what to do following a crash. There are two main things to remember: get the medical treatment you need, and then contact an attorney about your legal options.

Consult with an Indiana Motorcycle Accident Attorney

If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, contact the office of Blackburn & Green, and one of our experienced attorneys can assess your situation. We can inform you of your rights and handle the entire claim process. Help is only a phone call away, so call us today, and you’ll be on your way to seeking the compensation you deserve.


Frequently Asked Questions About Motorcycle Accidents in Indiana

Whether or not you were wearing a helmet has no impact on your eligibility to file a motorcycle accident claim in Indiana. In the event that the other driver has caused the crash, you are eligible to seek money for your losses and injuries.

If the driver of the motorcycle carelessly or negligently caused a crash and you were a passenger, you maintain the right to sue that driver. The insurance coverage for the driver should kick in to pay you for your injuries.

You may be involved in a crash with a driver who has limited insurance or no insurance at all. Another case is you may be involved in an accident that was a hit and run, with no other driver that can be named. You may be eligible to collect compensation from your own insurance company through your underinsured or uninsured motorist policy.

Indiana laws allow that you could have up to 100% of all your medical expenses covered, including expenses for medical treatment you might need in the future. In addition, Indiana laws are in place to make you whole after an accident, such that you are compensated for all losses. A victim should be compensated in full for any missed time at work, any work you might miss  in the future and any reductions of your earning potential due to management of your injury. Furthermore, you may be compensated for emotional distress and pain and suffering. Your Indiana motorcycle accident attorney can fight for your right to full and fair compensation.