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Have you or someone you know recently been hurt in a serious trucking accident? If so, it is imperative that you find a law firm that has experience in this field. There may be many parties who could be held liable for your injuries and a prompt and thorough investigation should be completed immediately. The trucking company’s accident response team will likely be prepared to take action quickly in the event of an accident. This is why it is essential that you hire an attorney who is knowledgeable about this field. They will go to the scene and gather the appropriate information to represent you and your claim. You need to know that you have someone advocating for your best interests after a trucking accident occurs.

What You Should Know About Trucking Accidents in Indiana

Semi-trucks and other large commercial vehicles make up a large portion of traffic throughout Indiana, including major roadways like I-70, I-69, I-65, I-465, and I-74. Indianapolis serves as a major transportation hub for a number of different trucking companies, so it is not surprising to Indianapolis area residents when yet another big rig accident has occurred. Sadly, due to the size, weight, and potentially hazardous material on-board during a trucking accident, the injuries may be severe and fatalities are also more likely. Receiving experienced and personalized representation directly from an experienced Indianapolis trucking law firm is important.

How Can A Lawyer Help With a Truck Accident?

Properly reviewing a truck accident scene, obtaining the proper holds on the vehicles involved so they are not destroyed or lost, and recreating the collision by working directly with a reconstruction specialist are just a few of the things that we bring to the table. You need to recognize that semi-truck accidents in Indiana are distinct. They are quite different from any other personal injury case or accident claim. Insurance policies for semi-trucks may represent an investment of hundreds of thousands of dollars and therefore, the trucking accident company and the insurance carrier will aggressively defend these cases and do whatever they can to minimize their liability. A team may be dispatched to the scene of an accident quickly to begin building a case against you. If you do not understand the laws surrounding these accidents or semi-truck insurance policies, you might not understand your rights and duties.
You might not know the minimum limits that a trucking company needs to carry under a commercial policy, and you may believe that the insurance company for the 18-wheeler will treat you fairly because they appear to be nice, friendly people.

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You might even suspect that your unpaid medical bills would be paid by the trucking company because the police report puts the trucker at fault. However, this is not always the case and you need someone in your corner. Given that one out of every eight fatal wrecks on the highways have to do with a semi-truck, trucking companies often need to be held responsible for the negligence of their drivers. Semi-truck drivers are often the root cause of an accident because they are under constant pressure to meet aggressive deadlines. A tight schedule may encourage a trucker to speed or to skip out on necessary sleep. Some of the most common semi-truck driver mistakes include:

– Spilled loads
– Mechanical failure
– Excessive speed
– Driving in unsafe weather conditions
– Failing to locate a driver in their blind spot
– Leaving insufficient space between themselves and your vehicle
– Aggressive driving while trying to meet deadlines

Crucial evidence in these cases involves ensuring whether the appropriate licenses were obtained to operate the semi-truck, determining who was eligible to drive it, verifying the kinds of records the trucker had to keep during their travel, identifying the weight restrictions and the weight of the truck at the time of the accident and more.


Frequently Asked Questions About Trucking Accidents in Indiana

The vast majority of fatal trucking accidents actually occur on major roads, as opposed to interstate highways. Urban arteries, rural roads and state routes also see a fair share of trucking accidents in Indiana.

A police report is not always the final say when it comes to insurance. It is a good idea to speak directly to a trucking accident lawyer in Indiana to identify your eligibility to pursue a claim. If the report says that you were partially at fault, you could still be entitled to a settlement due to Indiana’s comparative negligence rules. If you are not more than 50% at fault for the accident, you can still recover compensation.

Before signing anything in your trucking accident claim, you should have a personal injury lawyer review the paper and determine whether or not it is in your best interests to move forward with the signature. Initial settlement offers by trucking companies usually reflect a small fraction of the fair value of the claim and you could be signing away your legal rights.

The trucking industry is regulated at a federal level by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and at the state level by the state of Indiana. A violation of any federal or state regulation could increase the compensation for an accident victim or the victim’s family and can help to illustrate liability. Consulting with an experienced attorney is essential.