Kendallville Personal Injury Lawyer

A Kendallville personal injury lawyer may be able to help you if you have recently been struck in a serious accident. No one expects to find themselves in the midst of dealing with the repercussions of a critical accident, and this is why it is so important to ensure that you have someone fighting to help you recover the money you need for your lost income and your past and future medical bills. A Kendallville personal injury lawyer will investigate the circumstances of the accident to identify all potentially liable parties and to craft a road map to help you recover as much compensation as possible under Indiana’s personal injury laws. Many people who are hurt in an accident don’t have a good understanding of their rights and responsibilities. For example, Indiana personal injury law requires that you file a claim within two years from the date of the accident, otherwise your eligibility to ever pursue a claim for catastrophic injuries can be barred entirely. You need a Kendallville personal injury lawyer who has proudly been serving residents for many years. It’s often hard to get answers from your insurance company even when you know that you’ve provided them everything they need to handle your claim. Trying to work through their processes without fully understanding your rights is frustrating and can be too much for an accident victim. Paying the bills coming in from doctors, having your employer ask if you’ll be able to come back to work in full, and finding each day difficult because of your injuries are just a few of the days that you don’t deserve to suffer after an accident. While no action can undo what happened to you, there are steps you should consider to protect your right to a legal claim. You shouldn’t have to wait months to get the help you need following a wreck. Instead, you should have a lawyer ready to help you figure out your next steps as soon as possible so you can move forward with your injury claim. Time and the law may be on your side if you schedule a consultation right away to get relief.

Dedicated Assistance from a Talented Lawyer

Experience in personal injury law and a thoughtful approach by identifying liable parties in your accident may make the difference in your ability to recover compensation. Your focus should be on getting better in the aftermath of an accident, not worrying about communicating with the insurance companies or putting together the legal paperwork. Your Kendallville personal injury lawyer should give you focused attention on your legal matters and efficiently and effectively handle your injury claims. Your lawyer should be committed to doing everything necessary to protect the rights of the injured victim in an accident. You need a lawyer who will stand beside you from the initial consultation all the way through settlement or court judgment. You are entitled to fair compensation and you may wish to retain a Kendallville personal injury attorney to get that for you. Serious injuries and accidents caused by another person’s negligence can be costly and devastating. You need an attorney who approaches law practice with a code of conduct and a commitment to serve you with integrity. Without an awareness of your rights, it might be tempting to take that first settlement offer the insurance company shares with you. You might feel as though you have to respond to their requests for a recorded statement. Without an injury lawyer from Kendallville to help you with this claim, you might not even realize that the insurance company is trying to take advantage of you or counting on your lack of awareness about the situation to gather the information they need to protect their own bottom line and not yours. When a lawyer is at your side, however, you’ll have a better understanding of how the process works and what you can do to avoid many of the most common challenges in injury claims. You need a lawyer who remains committed to helping you because of the physical and financial repercussions of an accident. Your lawyer will have your best interests in mind during one of the most stressful times of your life. Someone else should be managing the negotiation of compensation and fighting the insurance companies and a Kendallville personal injury lawyer who has experience handling cases just like yours enables them to anticipate what’s coming next and to keep you, as the victim, informed throughout the process. The last thing you need to worry about in the wake of an accident are complicated insurance policies and medical bills. That’s why your Kendallville personal injury lawyer is there. Most people who have been involved in a critical accident in Indiana, like a slip and fall, a hotel pool injury or a vehicle accident are feeling overwhelmed and unsure of what to do. Determining your next steps can only be achieved when you have the dedicated service and personal attention provided by a lawyer. When you have a question, you need to know who you can turn to to get a prompt and effective answer. A car accident or any other personal injury incident has a way of changing your life dramatically. This can be temporary or long term. Your work-related responsibilities may no longer be carried out safely or at all, if you have been severely injured. Your normal daily life whether it’s running errands or playing with your kids, can be interrupted by the impacts of an accident. The good news is that filing an injury claim can help with some of this burden. You need someone who knows how to handle the insurance adjustors, the negligent party and the paperwork surrounding your personal injury claim. You just need to stay updated on your medical recovery and touch base every so often with a Kendallville personal injury lawyer who knows what it takes to recover maximum compensation. The primary basis of any Indiana personal injury lawsuit is whether or not someone owed you duty of care and in breaching it, caused you to suffer catastrophic injuries. The law protects you in these situations and allows you to pursue a claim for recovery if your injuries are severe. It’s not always easy to find yourself in this situation and there’s no doubt that no amount of money can ever undo the impact the accident has had on your life. However, it can stop the ripple effects of your family being financially damaged because of your inability to work, and it can give you the funds you need to put your life back together. No one should have to go through this situation of fighting for compensation, and yet it happens all too often to injured victims in Indiana. When another person was negligent because they weren’t paying attention or didn’t give you the care necessary to avoid a known hazard, the right lawyer needs to be retained immediately to give you an overview of what to expect and to inform you about whether or not you are eligible to file a personal injury claim. Don’t wait too long to get the help you need as this could be the key component of your personal injury claim.

Cases we handle

With 27 locations across Indiana, Blackburn & Green handles different personal injury cases such as:

  1. Car Accidents

  2. Truck Accidents

  3. Motorcycle Accidents

  4. Bus Accidents

  5. Wrongful Deaths

  6. Construction Accidents

  7. Dog Bites

  8. Slip & Falls 

  9. Bicycle Accidents

  10. Brain Injuries 

  11. Spinal Cord Injuries

  12. Burn Injuries 

  13. Shock & Electrocution Accidents

  14. Hotel Pool Drowning Accidents 

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