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When you have been critically hurt in an accident and it has changed your life dramatically, you need the help of an experienced attorney like Tom Blackburn and R.T. Green immediately. When an unexpected death or injury is caused by someone else’s careless, negligent or reckless act, it can feel as though there is nowhere to turn. You may even suspect that the U.S. justice system has failed you. However, this couldn’t be farther from the truth because with the help of a Lafayette personal injury attorney you can file a comprehensive claim for maximum recovery. Your ability to take quick action and to retain a lawyer who has a track record of success in these complicated cases can make all the difference in the management of your legal claim. This is why you need to take action right away to hire a knowledgeable lawyer to assist you with a full fight towards recovery. Only your lawyer will be familiar with the unique aspects of personal injury in Indiana and how to navigate the system effectively. If the insurance company is difficult to deal with or if you have a full plate with your injury treatments, let your lawyer work for your best interests. No one anticipates becoming a victim in such an accident but your willingness to hire a lawyer who will take up for you from the moment he or she is hired will help your case dramatically. The right attorney is a major benefit to you over the duration of your case. A Lafayette personal injury lawyer will help you significantly by providing quality legal counsel while giving you the utmost respect. All personal injury cases such as those caused by vehicle crashes, slip and fall incidents, electrocution and shock injuries and more can be handled by a lawyer.

Why a Lawyer Can Have Such a Big Impact on Your Indiana Injury Case

Clients who are truly in need will turn to a Lafayette personal injury attorney who can successfully represent them to fight for fair compensation. Fighting for the rights of those who have been critically injured as well as their family members empower a personal injury lawyer to assist you with all aspects of your claim. Whether it’s responding to the insurance company’s phone calls or finding specialists who can help you with your severe injuries, your Lafayette personal injury lawyer should strive to represent you to the best of his or her ability and to fight for the compensation that you believe. Lending a helping hand during this most disheartening of times can make a significant impact on the outcome of your case. Your lawyer should believe that no one should feel alone during this tragic accident or incident. Every claim in Indiana can be initiated when another person is responsible for the injuries you have sustained. Your lawyer should take the time to understand your concerns and questions as the case unfolds. This allows him or her to give you the personal attention you deserve when an attorney’s focus is one of the most influential parts of your legal case. A personal injury lawyer will give you the freedom to take legal action and file a civil lawsuit to ensure that someone is looking out for your best interests whether this ends in settlement negotiations or in trial. No one should have to suffer because another person wasn’t paying attention behind the wheel or because a property owner did not remove a dangerous condition that caused your severe injury. Your opportunity to be heard as a citizen is through a personal injury lawsuit.

The right Lafayette personal injury attorney will take action quickly to speak out against these injustices of dangerous circumstances so that you can receive the financial compensation you deserve. It’s only fair that a responsible party compensate you for your lost income, medical bills, pain and suffering, and other damages tied to an accident. Sadly, you may discover that the adjusters hired by the insurance company or the lawyers for the other party are doing everything possible to avoid liability or to pay as little as possible. The facts of your case need to be thoroughly investigated. In many cases, a personal injury case may end in a successful settlement after you and your attorneys are able to receive a lump sum payment for your injuries, however, you need to ensure that the true value of your claim is reflected in a settlement amount and this means hiring an injury lawyer who can protect you. Truck accidents, auto accidents, bicycle accidents, and wrongful death are some of the cases that you are entitled to pursue with the help of an experienced Lafayette personal injury lawyer. Although not every dispute will require legal intervention to resolve, you need an experienced litigator who is prepared to leap into action when necessary. Indiana personal injury law recognizes that up to two years after the date of an accident you have the right to pursue a personal injury claim. Your Lafayette personal injury lawyer should be dedicated to finding the best possible resolution to your claim. This could be through settlement or trial depending on the unique circumstances of your case. No one anticipates finding themselves in the position of never being able to fully return to work or having to struggle to get through day-to-day life. The hobbies you enjoyed prior to the accident maybe forever eliminated with just a couple of seconds in a severe vehicle crash. Because of this, the law empowers you to file a personal injury claim with the help of the right lawyer to assist you with getting as much compensation as possible. It may be difficult for you to figure out how this accident will affect you for many years to come but the right Lafayette personal injury lawyer can evaluate your case individually and provide you with further insight about what you need to do to protect yourself. You need a lawyer who cares for every client they represent, focus on ensuring your safety. You know when you have suffered a severe injury and you should not try to tough it out. Following up with appropriate medical treatments and getting a diagnosis from your doctors can help you outline a strategy for recovering compensation whether it was a car accident, slip and fall or injury using a defective product. Getting medical attention right away is important because the evaluation from a physician may alert you to problems you did not realize you had such as a severe traumatic brain injury. Keeping a level head when speaking to others and ensuring that you have legal representation dedicated to pursuing your rights and not the bottom line of anyone else is vital. The insurance company will reach out to you immediately after you have filed an injury claim but this does not mean that you should sign any documents from them or that you have to agree to everything they say. Rather, you should run everything by your Lafayette personal injury lawyer to ensure that you are not making any mistakes in your case that could compromise your ability to recover maximum compensation. Don’t give up when you have a case- your decision to initiate a claim could be one the most important ones you make after an accident.

Cases we handle

With 27 locations across Indiana, Blackburn & Green handles different personal injury cases such as:

  1. Car Accidents

  2. Truck Accidents

  3. Motorcycle Accidents

  4. Bus Accidents

  5. Wrongful Deaths

  6. Construction Accidents

  7. Dog Bites

  8. Slip & Falls 

  9. Bicycle Accidents

  10. Brain Injuries 

  11. Spinal Cord Injuries

  12. Burn Injuries 

  13. Shock & Electrocution Accidents

  14. Hotel Pool Drowning Accidents 

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