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A Merrillville personal injury lawyer should be retained by an injured person or the surviving family members of someone who has been killed in an accident promptly after the incident has occurred. There are so many different things to think about in the wake of a serious accident that it is easy to overlook your legal rights to compensation that can be obtained by filing a lawsuit. The only way to know for sure whether or not you have grounds to pursue such a lawsuit and how you should proceed with doing so is by scheduling a consultation with a Merrillville personal injury lawyer such as Tom Blackburn and R.T. Green, they walk you through each phase of your case and give you further expectations about what is involved in protecting your rights. You might have already encountered challenges or opposition from the other party responsible for the accident or the insurance company. This can be a shock to most people who anticipate that the facts of the case are relatively obvious and illustrate the severity of the injuries sustained. When your life has been turned upside down because another person was reckless behind the wheel or failed to maintain a property in a safe manner, you have rights under Indiana personal injury law that should be protected by consulting with an experienced attorney immediately. A lawyer with years of experience in the field of personal injury can tell you that the sooner you talk to an attorney and understand your rights in full, the better your chances are of recovering maximum compensation.


Another party may be named as liable in your lawsuit if he or she breached a duty of care to you. There are many different ways that these kinds of accidents can happen but they all revolve around the same concept of negligence. When another party is negligent due to inactions or actions taken that endangered you and put you at risk for severe injuries, your willingness to consult with a lawyer immediately may make the difference between whether or not you get the compensation you need. Lost wages because you can no longer go to work, medical expenses and your pain and suffering can mount up quickly after an incident has occurred. Most people in such a situation do not realize that they have a limited period of time in which they must take action to protect their rights. This is referred to as the statute of limitations. In Indiana, the statute of limitations only allows people to pursue injury claims a maximum of two years from the date of such an accident. When the two-year time period has lapsed, you are no longer eligible to pursue a claim and will have to pay out of pocket for your own injury costs. Indiana personal injury law recognizes your right to hire a Merrillville personal injury lawyer immediately to help you navigate this complex case and to pursue the compensation to which you are owed as a victim. Charting a path forward might feel impossible if your doctor is now telling you that the injuries you have sustained are likely to affect you for months or even years. This prospect can be too much to bear for an accident victim, but it’s a reality that must be understood. Not every case will lead to a full recovery, and under Indiana personal injury law, you’re empowered to talk to a lawyer and file a claim when it appears as though things will never be normal again. The only way to prepare yourself for a life full of medical treatments and other invasions is to file a personal injury lawsuit with the help of Merrillville personal injury attorney. Your lawyer will be able to help you with numerous different aspects of your case and many people are surprised to realize that an attorney plays an important role that extends far beyond just preparing your case for court. Your lawyer will initially sit down with you to discuss your eligibility to file a claim, identifying the cause of the accident, and the severity of the injuries you sustained. Your attorney may put together a demand letter for the insurance company or begin to consult with the other party or any insurance companies to talk about a settlement. In many cases the insurance company will be doing everything possible to minimize their own liability and this could mean denial of your claim even though you are well within your rights to file it. Because there are so many complicated issues going on and because there are many timelines you must follow for both the state as well as your insurance company, it is in your best interests for a Merrillville personal injury lawyer to begin looking at the specifics of your case as soon as possible. Once a lawyer has identified how your life has been forever shaped by such an accident, he or she will fight for settlement. If your Merrillville personal injury attorney however, is not able to achieve a meaningful settlement resolution with the other party, he or she will move forward with a legal claim. A lawsuit is often a last resort for many people as most personal injury cases can be resolved in settlement. However, because of the fact that not every case can be managed effectively with settlement negotiations or in mediation, you will want a Merrillville personal injury attorney who is ready to go to court.

A Merrillville personal injury lawyer who has a track record of taking on the insurance companies and liable parties is one of the most important assets you can have as you file an injury claim. Your lawyer should be personally involved in the claim and prepared to do everything possible to protect your rights and fight for maximum compensation. It is not an easy process to go through this on your own, but when you have a Merrillville personal injury lawyer at your side to advise you about the value of a settlement and what you need to do to follow-up with your medical appointments, you will feel more confident about your case going forward. In the wake of an accident, you have many different things to think about as a victim. None of these should be your responsibility because the accident should never have happened in the first place; however, if you have already sustained injuries because another party broke the law or breached his or her duty of care to you, the right lawyer can assist you with getting the funds you need. There is a good chance that your life may never be the same after such a critical accident. In fact, many people who find themselves suffering in personal injury incidents wish they could turn back the clock and go back to a time when they did not have to deal on a day -to-day basis with the impact of such severe injuries. Whether it is a TBI caused by a slip and fall or broken bones due to a vehicle accident in which the other driver was under the influence, you have rights as a victim and these should be protected immediately by hiring an injury lawyer in Merrillville. Getting help now allows you to chart a path forward in the future.  Consulting with a lawyer who has the experience is extremely important.

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With 27 locations across Indiana, Blackburn & Green handles different personal injury cases such as:

  1. Car Accidents

  2. Truck Accidents

  3. Motorcycle Accidents

  4. Bus Accidents

  5. Wrongful Deaths

  6. Construction Accidents

  7. Dog Bites

  8. Slip & Falls 

  9. Bicycle Accidents

  10. Brain Injuries 

  11. Spinal Cord Injuries

  12. Burn Injuries 

  13. Shock & Electrocution Accidents

  14. Hotel Pool Drowning Accidents 

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