Motorcycle Accidents due to Construction Hazards

Motorcycle Accidents Dan - November 10, 2020
motorcycle caution sign construction hazard

Serious motorcycle crashes can happen for many reasons, including dangerous hazards in construction zones. If you suffered injuries in a construction zone, you should seek a free consultation with a motorcycle accident lawyer as soon as possible. 

Motorcycles are a great way to get around and to enjoy the open road. If you ride a motorcycle, you understand the attraction, but you may not be as aware of all of the dangers inherent to motorcycles. Not only are you more difficult to see when you’re on your bike, but you’re also more vulnerable to serious injuries in an accident. 

Additionally, motorcyclists are also more vulnerable to hazards encountered on the road, including the hazards associated with construction zones. If a negligently planned or maintained construction zone leaves you injured in a motorcycle crash, you need a dedicated motorcycle accident lawyer on your side.

Construction Debris

One of the most common construction hazards is construction debris in the road. When the materials, tools, and debris involved in the construction make their way onto the driving lanes, the construction zone becomes dangerous for all who drive through it. Those dangerous materials, however, are especially an issue for those on motorcycles, who don’t have the same degree of stability that motorists in cars do.

Gravel on Pavement

Gravel on pavement makes the roadway far more dangerous for motorcyclists because it adds an unstable layer between the pavement and their tires, causing them to lose traction. Gravel becomes even more problematic when taking curves. Gravel on pavement is a common occurrence in construction zones, which makes these driving spaces even riskier.

The Effects of Weather

Precipitation makes driving safely more difficult, and its effects are compounded in construction zones – where there is less space to make driving corrections, where visibility is often reduced, and where the road itself is often in less-than-perfect shape to begin with. 

Rough and/or Uneven Roads

Cars and other vehicles can handle rough and/or uneven roadways far more safely than motorcycles can. Motorcycles don’t have the weight or the balanced width over four tires to adapt as easily to difficult road conditions that road construction is very likely to throw their way, including:

  • Edge breaks (adjacent lanes of uneven heights)
  • Cracked or buckled pavement
  • Zones created to decrease the speed of traffic (including multiple speed bumps)
  • Lanes that move on and off the road’s shoulder

The fact is that it can be difficult to predict what lies ahead once you enter a construction zone. 

Other Motorists

One of the biggest dangers for motorcyclists in construction zones is other motorists. When the driver behind the wheel of a car or truck refuses to take the decreased speeds and warnings associated with the construction zone seriously, that driver puts everyone on the road at increased risk of being seriously injured – and motorcyclists are especially vulnerable. 

Reach Out to Experienced Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Near You

If you’ve been injured in a motorcycle accident that was caused by someone else’s negligence, the dedicated motorcycle accident lawyers at Blackburn & Green have a wealth of experience helping clients like you seek their full range of damages. Find the help you need by contacting or call us at 1-800-444-1112 for more information today.

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