How Road Hazards Cause Motorcycle Crashes

Motorcycle Accidents Dan - July 8, 2021
Road is blocked by a land slide of rock and debris to where it is a hazard for drivers in motorcycles.

Roads should be safe for all vehicles, including motorcycles. Any hazards or dangerous conditions on the road can result in a serious motorcycle crash and injuries. If you suffered injuries in this manner, speak with a motorcycle accident lawyer today.

Motorcyclists have very little protection from the elements on the road. Even the slightest pothole can cause major problems for motorcyclists because these vehicles do not have the same suspension systems as cars. However, this does not lessen the government’s obligation to keep the roads in reasonable condition and make repairs as necessary.

Cars can usually handle many road hazards, and drivers may not even notice that these hazards are there. If they do, they may feel a minor bump. However, these could cause a motorcycle to overturn and send a biker off their bike and onto the pavement.

If you suffered injuries in a motorcycle crash that you believe happened due to a dangerous road condition, contact an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer right away.

Motorcyclists Need the Road to Be in Good Condition

More than any other motorists, bikers need the pavement to be in as good condition as possible. Even things like intentionally installed grooves in the pavement can disrupt the motorcyclist’s center and balance, leading to a motorcycle accident. Motorcyclists are continuously navigating the surface as much as they are dealing with traffic.

For bikers, everything is about maintaining traction, as they need it to stay upright. Road hazards are the enemy of traction. This is the key to accelerating, braking and steering. Without it, motorcyclists cannot control their bikes. However, they need direct contact with smooth pavement to get maximum traction.

Specifically, motorcyclists need to maintain contact between the rubber and the road. Hazards reduce the amount of the tire that is in contact with the road. While drivers can remain vigilant, there is often only so much they do to deal with bad road conditions.

Potholes and Weather Are Two Big Dangers

The biggest danger for motorcycles is potholes, as bikes cannot absorb the shock that these cause. In addition, the motorcyclist is low to the ground and may not be able to see the potholes to avoid them. The same goes for other road hazards that the biker is not able to spot in time. They might not have the vantage point necessary to see things before they are practically right on top of them.

Motorcycles are also more susceptible to slippery roads than other drivers. Slick surfaces will cause the driver to slide, especially when making turns or changing lines. This increases the chance that they are thrown from their bike. The instant a motorcyclist loses much of their traction from slippery roads, the driver can crash and will be thrown from their bike.

Government agencies can be held liable in a lawsuit for certain road hazards. Of course, they are not guarantors of perfect road conditions, but they can face injury claims when they delay in fixing known potholes or take too long to clear ice from the road after storms. Even if you were in a one-vehicle accident, you should discuss whether you have a case for negligent maintenance of roads with your attorney.

Experienced Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

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