Accident Risks On Motorcycle Road Trips

Motorcycle Accidents Dan - August 10, 2021
Motorcycle driver safely riding in forest highway during road trip

Long-distance riding is highly popular among motorcyclists. Unfortunately, it can also be highly risky if you’re not careful, and you should contact a motorcycle accident lawyer if you are injured in a crash on a road trip.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), there were roughly 5,014 motorcycle crash fatalities in 2019. Moreover, due to how they’re designed, motorcycles are far riskier vehicles than cars, as NHTSA estimates their crash fatality rate to be 29 times higher than that of car crashes.

Many types of unsafe road conditions could sidetrack your fun road trip. Learn what to watch out for, how you can brace yourself for them, and what to do in the unfortunate event that they lead to an accident, including consulting with a motorcycle accident lawyer.


The road itself can be one of the biggest threats on your road trip. America’s aging infrastructure has been a growing issue in recent years, and according to the ASCE’s 2021 Infrastructure Report Card, poorly maintained roads are one of the biggest concerns.

The American Society of Civil Engineers estimates that nearly half (43%) of our nation’s public roadways are in poor, mediocre, and inadequately maintained condition. If you ride across a poorly maintained road, you could risk losing control of your bike and suffering road rash, an abrasion injury that occurs when concrete scrapes and embeds in the skin.

Even if no other driver caused your crash, a motorcycle accident lawyer can help you pursue a claim against the construction company or municipality that failed to maintain the road and hold them accountable.

Inclement Weather

Unless circumstances absolutely force you, you probably won’t want to ride in the thick of heavy rain, snow, sleet, fog, or hail storms. A whole host of dangerous conditions could arise, with among the most dangerous being hydroplaning.

Although motorcycle tires are designed to repel water, those repellent capabilities are not without their limits. If you – or the motorcycle operator if you are a passenger – speed too fast on a wet road, you could easily risk spinning out and losing control of the bike.


This is another point that should be common sense, but far too often isn’t. Despite knowing the serious risks of drunk driving, sometimes people take to the road anyway, despite being seriously inebriated by alcohol and/or drugs.

Motorcyclists are amongst the largest demographic of vehicle operators to be inebriated in fatal crashes, with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration finding alcohol to be involved in 25% of fatal motorcyclist crashes.

If you are too impaired to ride, then do not get on the road until you sober up. Likewise, do everything in your power to keep your distance from motorists that you suspect might be inebriated. Their negligence could pose serious harm to you, as well as themselves or others. Even if a motorcycle accident lawyer later seeks justice against them, you should try to stay safe.


Even if you’re being the most responsible motorist you can be, there are plenty of irresponsible ones. You can do everything within your power to stay safe and mitigate the risk of an accident, only for a negligent driver to undo all of your due diligence in one wrong turn.

We’d prefer to think that these types of tragedies could never happen to us, and in an ideal world, they never will. But in the unfortunate event that the unthinkable does become reality, an experienced personal injury lawyer can help you recoup some of your damages and fight for the compensation you deserve.

Seek Help from a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Right Away

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