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No victim should have to contend with the consequences of a serious personal injury accident, and yet this happens all too often for someone in Indiana who is suddenly struck from the side or behind in a vehicle accident or slips and falls on somebody else’s property. When this happens, you have a right to file a lawsuit with the help of a Terre Haute personal injury lawyer. The sooner you choose to take action, the better your chances are of a full and fair recovery of maximum compensation. Given that you have much to worry about in the wake of an accident, it is important to identify experienced legal representation from a knowledgeable Terre Haute personal injury lawyer immediately. The right lawyer can help you figure out your next steps so that you can avoid many of the common mistakes made by people who are filing an injury claim for the first time. No victim should have to suffer because another person didn’t pay attention. But unfortunately, this is the reality for many different people. It’s easy to get stuck in the emotional cycle of feeling helpless after you’ve been hurt in an accident. Just trying to stay on top of the insurance claims process and filing a legal claim might even appear impossible if your injuries are so severe that you can’t get out of bed without help or pain medication. Things slow down tremendously after a severe accident. Activities that were a breeze before a fall or a crash now take much longer and might not even be worth the effort. Exercise is a challenge or impossible. And you can’t even imagine going back to work and getting through the day. While it might feel like no one else can understand what you’re going through, that’s not the case. As dedicated Terre Haute personal injury lawyers, we’ve helped many people through similar situations. We know just how much your life has been affected by an accident, and the role we play in your case is one we take seriously. Even if your employer and your family members don’t realize the depth of the pain you’re suffering, you can count on us.

We know just how important it is that you get the recovery you deserve because we’ve been there before for so many clients. Know that you can’t and shouldn’t fight this alone- hire a legal team who will do what’s necessary to get you full and fair support for your bills and injuries. If you have been injured by someone else, whether it was a slip and fall accident, a near drowning in a hotel pool or a motorcycle, truck or car accident, you may be entitled to bring a personal injury lawsuit or claim against the responsible person for your psychological, economic and physical injuries. The right Terre Haute personal injury lawyer is just a phone call away and can help you identify a winning strategy for maximum recovery of compensation. Many people don’t need a Terre Haute personal injury lawyer more than once in their life but when you do need an attorney, they want a reputable one who will stand with them in their greatest time of need and fight for the recovery you so justly deserve. Your Terre Haute personal injury attorney should understand the solemn and serious nature such a case and maximize his or her resources to investigate and research the unique aspects of every claim. Your attorney can help you ensure that your case is resolved for maximum recovery while causing the minimum amount of stress for you. The system of justice in Indiana enables injured victims to recover compensation for the harm done to them. In order to claim compensation, however, you must file an injury claim within two years of the date of the crash/incident under Indiana law. The primary basis of any personal injury claim is negligence or the allegation that another party who owed you a duty of care breached that duty of care and left you suffering the consequences. A common example of negligence might be a distracted driver or a driver under the influence of alcohol. The other driver in such an accident was clearly involved in reckless and illegal activities that exposed you to unreasonable harm. For this reason, you need to consult with a lawyer immediately to protect your rights.

A lawyer is a valuable asset as you move forward with an injury claim. If another person caused you serious personal injury like a TBI, broken bones, internal organ damage or more, an experienced Terre Haute personal injury attorney can help you to establish the grounds for filing a case and preparing you for each phase of a legal claim. The other party might fight back and argue they didn’t cause the accident or that you were partly responsible. If this happens in your case, your legal team should be prepared for these tactics and know how to respond. When settlement is not an option, your lawyer will take on the liable parties in court. While many of these cases will be resolved outside of court, sometimes an attorney will need to be fully prepared to go to the stage of litigation. In litigation, a court will evaluate the strength of your claim and determine whether or not you are entitled to damages. How you illustrate the accident and your resulting injuries will have a major influence on the outcome of your case. It is likely that the insurance company or the other party may try to argue that you were either partially at fault for the accident or in fact, your injuries are not as severe as you claim. Because of the comparative fault rules in Indiana, even if you are partially responsible for the accident but not mostly responsible, you could still be eligible to recover compensation. Under these rules, your damage amount is reduced according to your percentage of fault as named by the court. With so much to consider, it is easy to find yourself feeling overwhelmed. Not being able to return to work and watching the bills stack up as you have to spend hour after hour with doctors in figuring out an injury treatment plan, is overwhelming for anyone. That is why the law enables you to hold a negligent party accountable by filing a personal injury case.

No one ever expects to find themselves in the midst of a serious accident but when this occurs, you and your family can seek compensation for your medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering and other damages. The proper development of any personal injury case begins with the selection of your Terre Haute personal injury lawyer who will advise you over the duration of your claim. When settlement offers are presented from the other side, you can expect care and concern from your injury lawyer who will help you determine whether or not these are in your best interests and what to do if you have to turn down a settlement offer. The peace of mind that you can gain from working with an experienced lawyer is extremely valuable after a serious injury has been sustained. That is why you need our expert attorneys at Blackburn & Green.

Cases we handle

With 27 locations across Indiana, Blackburn & Green handles different personal injury cases such as:

  1. Car Accidents

  2. Truck Accidents

  3. Motorcycle Accidents

  4. Bus Accidents

  5. Wrongful Deaths

  6. Construction Accidents

  7. Dog Bites

  8. Slip & Falls 

  9. Bicycle Accidents

  10. Brain Injuries 

  11. Spinal Cord Injuries

  12. Burn Injuries 

  13. Shock & Electrocution Accidents

  14. Hotel Pool Drowning Accidents 

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