Krystal Conley

Tom Blackburn and Lisa Jackson were incredibly professional and personal individuals. If you ever are in a situation where you need and are recieving their assistance you are not simply a client to them you are a friend, and you even become like family if your case is serious enough. Tom is the meanist, most brutal lawyer I know but he is one hell of a guy other wise. And Lisa does a majority of the behind the scenes tough work. So together they are a great team. If you need help, go Blackburn and Green – go Tom and Lisa!

Robin A. Randell

I was very satisfied with Blackburn & Green from start to finish. They are very professional and have your interest at best. I would recommend them and would call them again. Thank you to his staff for all were very kind during difficult times.

Erma Minix

We have found Blackburn & Green to be very professional, knowledgeable and courteous. They helped us at a very emotional and stressful time and led us through the process 100%. We highly recommend them.

Mary Ann Young

Chris was able to negotiate for us a settlement that far reached my expectations. I was treated with utmost professionalism and respect. I pray i never need this type of service again. However if i do, i will return.

Chad Swing

Overall, i was very pleased with the service Blackburn & Green provided me. Not only were they professional, but they were very mindful of the stress my family was under. They went out of their way to provide me documentation that was requested by my accountant.

Darren Atwood

I am very happy with today. Blackburn and Green did a very good job. Thanks

Roger Duffey

This is the second time Blackburn & Green has represented me. Both times i have been extremely satisfied.

Charlie Carter

Blackburn & Green are very professional and treated me with respect and got all that would be received on my case. Thank you so much!

Ana Sandoval

I am very happy Blackburn & Green did a good, excellent job.They are very reasonable. I had a good experience. I had the maximum thanks to them. I am from California. It was a hard case because of the distance.They still did the best for me.

Ronald Rogers

Ryan Lindinger with Blackburn & Green did a great job guideing me with my case & working hard for me I would recommend them to anyone.

Tiffany Rayford

Very satisfied with the assistance of Blackburn & Green, everyone was helpful and polite. I was referred by my cousin and would definitely refer them to anyone.

Christina Clements

You guys were fantastic. Thank you for answering my questions and all your help.

Brian Lambert

Tom went above and beyond to help me get my case solved in a timely manner. I would highly recommend Blackburn & Green

Valerie Gilliland

Blackburn & Green made setting our case very easy.

Alexandra McClanahan

An excellent group. Would recommend them to everyone who has ever been in an accident.

D. House

We are satisfied that its over and that you did a good job. Thank you for your time in getting this done. Thank you so much.

Amy Tracy

Very easy to communicate with and handled everything for me.

D. Floyd

Blackburn & Green as a whole were very helpful and very patient with me. Thank you so much.

Susan Watterud

Chris Blackburn did an outstanding job to make sure all of our medical expenses were taken care of.

Cozette Weaver

I am very happy with the speed and accuracy of my claim. I haven’t been confused about things going on with my claim. Things have been explained well. The different staff i have worked with have all been very professional. Never had to wait for answers when i would call.

Lily Pedroza

I was satisfied with the services that were provided to me.

Kanisha Russell

My experience with Blackburn & Green was great. They were very nice and kind. Whenever i called i got all the information i needed and my case was settled in less than one year. I would recommend them to anyone. Great assistance as well!!

Christa Gassman

I would definitely recommend Blackburn & Green. They were very nice and informative.

Chris Rathbun

Blackburn & Green did an excellent job Working my case. They kept me informed every time there was some news on my case and gave me good advice on what to do on my case. If this would ever happen to me again i would definitely call Blackburn & Green.