What Happens When Truckers Drive Too Fast for Conditions on the Road?

Truck Accidents Dan - August 17, 2020
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Safe, responsible truck drivers should factor in the road’s condition when choosing a safe traveling speed, and those who do not can cause serious traffic accidents, including rollovers, collisions, and weather-related crashes that put us all at increased risks of injuries.

Truck drivers are commercial drivers who are responsible for safely accommodating for the conditions on the road – whatever they may be. This includes driving at a safe speed that takes such conditions into account. When a trucker drives too fast for the road’s condition and other variables that affect safe travel, that trucker significantly increases the risk that a dangerous accident will ensue. If a trucker’s excessive speed causes you to be injured in a truck accident, seek the professional legal counsel of a truck accident lawyer.

Increased Stopping Distances

The immense semis with which we share our roads require far longer stopping distances than do the cars we drive, and the faster the trucker is traveling, the more distance he or she needs. When a truck driver fails to accommodate for this increased stopping distance, the traffic ahead can pay the tremendous price of having an 80,000-pound fully-loaded semi slam into them if a sudden stop or slow down becomes necessary. 

Slow Down for Curves and Exits

Trucks are massive vehicles that are not only much heavier than the cars we drive but are also top-heavy and far more prone to rollovers when not operated with the necessary professional skill and care. When big rigs take curves and exits, physics dictate that they must slow down considerably to ensure that they don’t rollover. When truck drivers fail to slow their rigs adequately and in plenty of time to take such curves and exits, life-threatening rollover accidents can be the result. 

Factor in the Weather

Truck drivers – just like all other drivers – are responsible for factoring in how the weather is affecting the condition of the road ahead, and the effects of weather can be even more significant for semis than for the much lower-profile vehicles that we drive. All of the following weather-related conditions demand a significant decrease in a trucker speed in order to proceed safely:

  • High winds
  • Rain
  • Debris-strewn roads, such as roads that are plastered with leaves or branches after a storm
  • Snow 
  • Ice
  • Rain 
  • Sleet
  • Fog

The speed limit, it’s worth noting, assumes driving conditions are ideal.

You Need an Experienced Motorcycle Accident Lawyer on Your Side

Trucks are huge, heavy vehicles that are involved in some of the most destructive and deadly accidents on our roads. If a trucker’s excess speed – or another form of negligence – leaves you injured in a truck accident, the dedicated truck accident lawyers at Blackburn & Green are poised to bring your strongest claim in support of its most favorable resolution. Your case is important, so please don’t hesitate to contact us online or call us at 1-800-444-1112 for more information today. 

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