What are the most common causes for truck accidents?

Truck Accidents Dan - May 16, 2018
Truck in the ditch at the side of a road, after an accident


Accidents involving commercial or semi trucks typically prove to have the most serious consequences of all motor vehicle collisions when it comes to injuries, losses, and damages. With that in mind, there are certain causes of big rig accidents that most commonly occur on the roadways of Indiana and across the United States, according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

Distracted Semi Truck Drivers

A very common underlying cause of commercial truck accidents is a distracted driver. There are a number of different types of semi driver distractions that result in serious accidents each year. These include drivers who are eating or drinking while operating a rig. Other distractions include drivers who are adjusting radios or other devices as well as those who are checking GPS or maps.

As is the case with other motorists, semi drivers are regularly distracted by talking on mobile devices or carrying on conversations with a passenger in the rig. In addition, despite the obvious level of distraction associated with this activity, some big rig operators continue to text while driving.

Intoxicated or Impaired Commercial Truck Drivers

Drunk and otherwise impaired semi truck drivers represent another common type of the underlying causes of semi accidents in Indiana and elsewhere in the U.S. The laws of Indiana are definitive when it comes to intoxicated or impaired drivers. There are specific limitations to what a commercial truck driver can do after even one arrest for driving under the influence.

Unfortunately, drivers with alcohol and substance abuse issues have learned ways of violating the rules and regulations that pertain to impaired driving. In order to enhance their bottom lines, more than a few trucking companies end up cooperating with their drivers in finding ways to circumvent those rules and regulations intended to remove drivers with alcohol or substance abuse issues from operating commercial rigs.

Fatigued Semi Drivers

Driver fatigue is another common cause of semi truck accidents in Indiana. Federal regulations establish specific timeframes within which a truck driver is permitted to operate a commercial rig. Unfortunately, with alarming regularity, commercial truck drivers skirt these rules and end up driving while fatigued.

Even though truckers and trucking companies are obliged to maintain thorough and accurate travel logs to confirm driving time and downtime, both have been known to alter these records in order to cover added and impermissible time on the road.

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