What Can I Do if I’m Hurt by a Faulty Product?

injury Blackburn & Green - October 9, 2015

What Can I Do if I’m Hurt by a Faulty Product?Product liability cases involve an injured party and a liable party. The liable party in product liability cases is usually the producer of a defective product that has injured or otherwise harmed a consumer. Product liability cases can also involve property damage caused by a faulty product. Differing from cases involving negligence, product liability cases often operate under the concept of strict liability. Strict liability is the kind of liability a producer of a product faces, simply because their product wronged, in some way, a consumer. The producer does not have to be negligent to be liable for losses sustained by the consumer, however negligence certainly has the potential to contribute to product liability. In any case, if a product is defective for any reason, the producer may be liable for the losses it causes to the consumer. The product could be faulty because of its design, manufacturing, marketing, or production; however, strict liability may apply regardless of how the product is defective.

The product itself can be food, tools, machines, instruments, or devices. For example, if a cyclist crashes his bike because of a defect in the frame, either from a design or manufacturing flaw, he may be entitled to fair compensation by the frame producer. Similarly, if someone were electrocuted as a result of a household appliance that was not wired correctly, he or she may be entitled to fair compensation for his or her losses. Product liability cases can also cover product recalls, wherein a product is released in a state that could cause harm to the consumer. To demonstrate product fault in a products liability case, the plaintiff must show that the product was defective at the time of manufacture in some way. Consult with an experienced Indiana personal injury attorney if you feel you have been wronged by a faulty product. Demonstrating product defects, depending on how it is defective, may include the involvement of expert witnesses, technical reports, and product designs. This area of personal injury law can be complex, so it is highly advisable you discuss your case with an attorney prior to taking action.


The experienced personal injury and accident attorneys at Blackburn & Green know the ins and outs of personal injury law and will work hard to help you obtain fair compensation in your products liability case. Our attorneys will work hard to make sure your settlement is a favorable one. We offer free initial consultations at one of our office locations or at your home or hospital room. Call (800) 444-1112 or (260) 422-4400 to be connected with one of our 25 convenient office locations across Indiana or fill out our online form to schedule a consultation. Contact Blackburn & Green for knowledgeable and caring legal counsel on your personal injury case today.


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