What Documents Should I Gather for My Claim?

auto accident Blackburn & Green - November 14, 2015

What Documents Should I Gather for My ClaimAfter an injury or accident, your priority should be treating your injuries and recovering. While you do this, you may be wondering what else you should do to ensure your claims process is smooth. Treating your injuries may take a few weeks to several months, and during this time you can collect certain pieces of documentation that will facilitate an expeditious settlement once you are ready. First and foremost, get a copy of any official reports filed on your injury or accident. This could be a police report, a crash report, or a citation. The insurance adjuster handling your claim will ask for these and it is a good idea to review them before you submit them so you know what they will be considering. If you see anything in the report that isn’t accurate or you think may compromise your claim, speak with a personal injury attorney. One benefit of gathering documentation for your claim early is being prepared to handle any disputes that may arise in your case, such as a dispute over liability or a dispute over how severe your injuries are.

Much of the documentation you will need to submit to the insurance adjuster will be in the form of medical bills and records. The process for getting your complete medical records will vary from doctor to doctor. Some may require you to request the records using a specific form or online system. Records viewable online may not be considered complete for the purposes of an insurance claim, so you may need to request hard copies of your records. If you have a property damage claim as well, you should collect receipts, proof of purchase, or value estimates for any property damage you will be claiming. Ideally you would have original receipts, but if you do not, you can still be reimbursed with adequate documentation.

It is recommended you speak with a personal injury attorney regarding your specific case in order to collect all the documentation you may need for your claim. Every personal injury case will be different, and you may have extra considerations that need to be taken into account. Blackburn and Green has developed a handy app for those going through the insurance claims process after an auto accident. Our app will help you keep track of the documents and information you will need to gather for your personal injury claim. Download our app on your iPhone or Android device.

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