What Evidence Should I Get From the Scene of an Accident?

auto accident Blackburn & Green - October 8, 2015

What Evidence Should I Get From the Scene of an Accident?Immediately following an auto accident, your mind will, understandably, not be focused on gathering all the evidence needed to support your case. However, those who do manage to gather evidence at the scene of an accident are gaining valuable protection. Collecting evidence from the scene of the accident can go a long way toward protecting your rights against the insurance company. Beyond the required information you must get at the scene of an accident, including contact and insurance information from the other driver, there are also a few key pieces of evidence that you should do whatever you can to gather. Keep in mind that while at the time of the accident it may not seem like the other driver will dispute liability, their insurance company still could. In most cases, your battle will be with the insurance company, not the driver, so be objective and observant at the scene of an accident so you are prepared to negotiate with the insurance company.

First, take pictures. If possible, take pictures of the vehicles involved prior to moving them. If you cannot do this safely, as soon as you have the chance, try to sketch a diagram of how the vehicles hit. In any case, make sure you photograph and thoroughly document the damage to your vehicle before it is fixed. While you may settle your property damage portion of your claim relatively quickly so you can get back on the road again, it will take some time to fully recover from your injuries and settle your bodily injury claim. That being said, documentation of vehicle damage may be able to illustrate the severity of the impact or the liability of the accident itself. This is valuable evidence that should be preserved before you fix the damage to your vehicle. You should also take pictures of the direction traffic was going, the presence of traffic signals or signs, and any other elements of the scene that could serve your interests in a liability dispute. Next, take notes. Note any statements the other driver, or other involved parties say, the time of day, the weather and road conditions, and any other evidence at the scene. Because this may seem like a lot to do immediately after experiencing a sudden impact, we at Blackburn and Green have developed an app you can use to complete all these steps after an accident from the convenience of your cell phone. You can download it free for both iPhones and Android devices. Gathering as much evidence and information as you can after an auto accident will give you the best chance at receiving fair compensation for your losses.


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