You can Still Sustain Head Injuries with a Motorcycle Helmet

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According to statistics made available by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), as well as the Center for Disease Control (CDC), motorcycle helmets significantly reduce the risk of injury and death in the event of a motorcycle crash. Specifically, they reduce the risk of a head injury by about 69 percent and they reduce the risk of death in a crash by about 37 percent.  

Motorcycle helmets obviously protect the wearer’s head and part of the face. They also provide some degree of protection to the wearer’s eyes, reduce fatigue, and help to eliminate wind noise. Most especially, in the event of a crash, the helmet serves as a strong barrier between other objects and the wearer’s head. 

Despite these benefits, however, motorcycle helmets do not offer guaranteed protection from head injuries in the event of a motorcycle crash. Helmets can and do crack in serious accidents and injuries – even deaths – still occur. 

If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident that was caused by someone else’s negligence, the experienced South Bend personal injury attorneys at Blackburn & Green can assist you with your case today. Our compassionate legal team understands the serious nature of motorcycle accident injuries and is ready to pursue monetary compensation on your behalf.  

Potential Problems with Motorcycle Helmets

Even when motorcycle operators and their passengers wear helmets, a serious injury could still occur in the event of a collision. The extent of any head injury sustained depends on the force of the collision – and whether or not the wearer’s head makes direct contact with another object. At other times, the helmet may be made of substandard materials and may not be strong enough to withstand the impact of a serious crash. 

Although motorcycle helmets are designed to cover the top of the head and part of the wearer’s face, some of the wearer’s face is still exposed. The wearer may still suffer facial scarring, chipped teeth, abrasions, cuts, and other serious injuries.

Moreover, motorcycle helmets do not offer any protection to the rest of the wearer’s body, and a motorcyclist who strikes the ground could still suffer serious injuries to the feet, limbs, hips, hands, and other exposed body parts. 

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Although helmets can be a major help in the event of a motorcycle accident, they are not infallible and serious injuries to the head can still occur in a crash. In some instances, motorcycle accidents occur when other drivers operate their vehicles irresponsibly or where cities and municipalities fail to maintain roadways. When these accidents occur, the experienced legal team at Blackburn & Green can help you pursue compensation against the appropriate parties. 

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